Now into our thirteenth year in 2019, CTM (China Tourist Ministry) continues to yearn for “Chinese People, Accept Christ!” This is indeed our ministry’s vision and prayer! Last year, CTM endured a certain extent of pressure during the global economic recession; however, we managed to tide over the difficulties with God’s incomparable love along with our ministry’s resolute faith in God. We reaped a fruitful result in support of all churches and fellow workers.

Throughout the years, CTM has given away nearly 7 million gift packs to visitors (mainly Mainlanders) in HK. Moreover, we have led over 220 thousand people in HK to accept Christ. Glory to the Lamb of God in the highest!

Nowadays, illegitimacies augment, natural disasters take place, hence human are filled with emptiness and besieged with helpless misery. Lives are lacking targets, hopes and outlets; yet still sins prohibit people from extricating themselves. Countless family issues derived from problems such as drug abuse, alcohol addiction, pathological gambling, crimes, lost youngsters, poverty, unsecured jobs and unstable income. Notwithstanding such social issues, human continue to suffer from sorrowful souls, endless stress that causes long-term depression and conduce to a complete collapse; furthermore, we grieve for the threat of diseases, pains, and even death… In sum, nothing but God’s promises, love and salvation grant us light and way that solve the whole; only Jesus is the answer to everything!