About Us

As early as 2000, a group of Christian fellow workers in Thailand saw a lot of Chinese tourists living in the same hotel, they believed that was a chance to grab for preaching the Gospel which initiated an obligatory movement of distributing gospel gift packs in Thailand.

In 2003, the Hong Kong Government launched the “Individual Visit Scheme” (IVS) later than the outbreak of SARS epidemic and a series of social issues. The introduction of IVS resulted in a sharp increase in the number of Mainland visitors traveling to HK, over eight million passenger trips was recorded in 2003. Thereafter, the number of Mainlanders exceeds a double-digit percentage and even surpassing a 50% of percentage increase. We not only echo to the tourism industry’s appeal: “Friendly Hong Kong, You Make A Difference”, but also unfold and develop the Gospel gift-offering movement in HK that craves to deliver God’s messages to Mainlanders by offering gifts.

Following God’s shepherd, China Tourist Ministry (CTM) was established in 2007. Besides carrying on the Gospel gift-offering movement, CTM also leagues allied with all Christian churches, organizations and brothers and sisters in HK, grasping such golden opportunity to spread Gospel in an all-weather style weekly-daily expedition.