Best birthday gift

“Do you willing to accept Jesus Christ as your savior? ”

“Yes I do, loving God…… ”

God gave the best present to me at Tsim Sha Tusi waterfront on 15th November, 2008.
I asked three tourists followed me to pray in accepting Jesus to enter into their heart. It’s long time I had not led people to Christ.
Awesome! That memory is still fresh in my mind. Saving the soul make me excited.
Many Chinese have the conversion to Christianity on 21th century; It’s so difficult to understand why many Chinese Tourist so easy to
accept Jesus Christ through listening the brief explanation. Only say that God mercy China so much and he is moving in China.
Reinhard Boonke is the African preacher. He said God do the great work in China in his vision given by the Spirit of God
He evangelized in African thus African was cleaned by the precious blood of Lord Jesus. His vision show that the precious of Jesus
blood is cleaned the China in recent years. Chinese have the conversion to Christianity in this century.
Let us preach this good news to all Chinese.
Hung Hung (Christian Gospel Church of Love Mok Kok Church)